Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cuteness! Sweetness!

Two of my hubby's sisters (he has four) have been making bow t-shirts with matching hairbows (pictured above) along with other crafty items for several months now. They have decided to take it to the web. I love their work and want to spread the news to everyone. I wouldn't want you to miss out on the cuteness!
If you have young daughters or buy gifts for girls these are adorable and reasonably priced. You must check it out! Head on over to their blog here. They're just getting the blog up and running, but you can watch the slide show of products. To contact them, email them at bow4aprincess@yahoo.com .


Jenn said...

I remember the black tee with the orange bow - I thought it was so cute the first time I saw it. I will bookmark their site - for gifts.

Hope the family vacation is going great!

April and Dawn said...

Thanks for spreading the news about our products! Jenn has already visited.

mer said...

Oh...I just love this stuff! But sadly, my girls seem to have outgrown MY love for hairbows! I just sold a huge lot of their old bow on ebay because I couldn't get them to wear them anymore without protesting wildly, then taking them out! Enjoy it while you can!!

KaReN said...

I love the outfits - who knows one day I may have a girl! Tell them they do need make something for boys too! Also, I have changed the title of my blog to 144 Seasons. Just email me if you cannot locate. Thanks!