Thursday, January 31, 2008

In Case You Are Wondering

My computer is DEAD..."deader than a doornail" as my Dad used to say!

Ugh! To this email, facebook, blog, coupon site, google addicted woman that is bad news! But I must say my eyes feel great, and I'm accomplishing other things. Like, you know, laundry, schooling, cooking, playing games with children, etc.

My hubby brought his laptop home tonight, so I hope to get a little done in the blogosphere before I have to go to bed. Please don't give up on visiting here...I hope to be back soon!


mer said... sorry! My computer has been making funny noises lately and I'm very afraid it's on it's last leg. And that would be a terrible, terrible thing.

Jenn said...

You have been missed - sorry about the computer!