Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Story I Love!

A dear friend of mine (who will remain nameless to protect privacy) has prayed for years for God to bless her and her husband with children. They have been unable to conceive, and longed for the desire of their heart to be granted.

They never felt led to pursue fertility treatments or adoption. My friend's husband once said to her "God's not just going to drop a child in our lap." He was encouraging her to take a step toward treatment or adoption, but his words were "from his lips to God's ears."

One day in 2006, I got a call from a mutual friend who was sobbing. "____ has a baby and wants you to come see her." You can probably guess what a confusing call this was.

We went over as fast as we could and found the couple holding a beautiful newborn girl....and grinning from ear to ear!

It turned out that a couple of months previously, someone had approached my friend and asked her if she would be interested in adopting a baby soon to be born. This pregnancy was an unexpected one for a married couple that had several children and did not feel they could support another. So, my friends began legal proceedings. They were in the delivery room when the baby was born and the precious little girl was handed directly to my friend by the doctor.

That baby is a pretty, joyful, fun toddler now...the apple of her parents' eyes!

I think that not only did God choose to bless my friend with a child, he did it with a sense of humor! He dropped that baby in her lap!


Jenn said...

What an amazing story. It is nice to see God's sense of humor.

Lisa said...

How awesome is that!