Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Connie: Salvager of Cake Flops!

I was in charge of a birthday party for a friend this week. I decided to make one of my favorite cakes: moon pie cake. It turned out to be a lesson in humility!

When I was putting it together, the top layer broke and in spite of all my efforts to repair it, I could not. Then, when I iced it, the icing just got gloppy and gunky (did I make those words up?) and didn't look good at all. There I stood with my plans of taking a showy cake to my friend's birthday party falling apart before my eyes.

After recovering from a panic attack, I decided to cut the cake in half (the party was a small one for six ladies), remove the damaged part and then try to ice it again.

This is the part of the cake I cut off.

But, I was afraid the icing would get gloppy and gunky again, so I asked my friend, Connie, to help me out. I dropped the cake off at her house on my way to my daughter's piano lesson and when I came back, I found this beautiful creation. She not only redid the icing, she decorated it with flowers from her yard.

The cake was a hit at the birthday party and Connie now has a new title: Salvager of Cake Flops!

Plug: Connie just started her blog. She loves to cook, and her blog will feature her favorite recipes, kitchen tips and more! Go check it out. I bet you'll enjoy it! mainstreet mom


mer said...

Looks great! Connie is awesome. Aren't you thankful for friends you can call in a pinch??

Hope the party was fun!

Jenn said...

I didn't know your oldest was taking piano.

I will just second Meredith's comment because those were exactly my thoughts. :o)

Kelley said...

Looks good enough to eat! I never would've thought to use flowers - very creative!

I almost had a "cake-tastrophe" a few weeks ago on a cake I was getting PAID to make. I wrote about it on my cake blog:

Anonymous said...

wow, she's good, so are you! When did your oldest begin piano lessons? We have been thinking about those.

Main Street Mom said...

Thanks, Leah!!!

Lisa said...

You know that's pretty cool! It made me think of the fact that often times we can give God our messed up lives and He can make something beautiful out of the mess we have made :)

Lisa said...

I bet your friend enjoyed it :)