Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Dry Erase Education

The following is an article my husband wrote last week for our church's newsletter. I enjoyed it so much that I want to share it with you.

One Christmas my children received a dry erase easel from their grandparents. What great fun we have had cleaning dry erase marker off the windows. It is designated an educational toy and I think the parents are the ones getting educated.

Lately, my 4 year old son has become quite the artist. His drawings on paper and the dry erase board range from the family to all types of mammals to Curious George. The craziness is how recognizable his drawings have become.

Over a week ago I was summoned to the dry erase board for an art display. There on the board was Jesus Christ on the cross. He even added red marks where the nails pierced the hands. The preschool artist explained the picture to me in detail, but it needed no commentary.

So I asked, ”Why did Christ die on the cross?” He responded without hesitation, “To take away our sins!” Time stood still for me. I know we tell the Bible’s stories and give some explanation, but having it recited back with an illustration by a preschooler is an awakening.

He has not received Christ as Savior yet, but the seed is planted. He knows why we have Easter. Yes, he likes the eggs, the bunny, and the chocolate. He learned these things because we taught it to him. He knows other things like our favorite college teams, race car drivers, and the channels for hunting. Why?

We indoctrinate them! How do our children know the stories of the Bible? Do they hear us speak of the God we worship? Do we celebrate Easter with the Christ or candy? They recognize teen pop stars but who is Jeremiah? Does he have a show on the Disney channel?

My son helped remind me of how much we do and do not teach our children. (By the way, thanks to you who teach my children). So, I want to borrow a statement from Rick Burgess and his wife. Leah and I have this philosophy, but I want to use Rick’s statement. “What really matters is that we raise Warriors for the Kingdom of God.”

Just a reminder: Will our children be Warriors for the Kingdom of Christ or the kingdom of culture?

Fighting for the Heart of my KING and my Children,


Note: I know readers outside of Alabama may not know who Rick Burgess is. But it would be well worth your time to check out his website. I especially encourage to listen to this sermon.


April said...

I was in awe when I was affording th e opportunity to see his picture in person. After listening to Rick Burgess, boy was I convicted! I have a huge job in store for me with Little P. We just read a book about Easter and I was excited to hear her ask questions about what Easter means.

Jenn said...

That was an awesome reminder of our responsiblitiy. In our house we agree with the statement - “What really matters is that we raise Warriors for the Kingdom of God.”

I have never heard of Rick Burgess, I will have to listen to his sermon sometime.

Tell J. I enjoyed reading this.

Lisa said...

That's good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! It is so wonderful to hear them tell the stories back to us! Joel's article is great! I like the quote about "Warriors". It goes along well with the book I am reading -Barbarian Way.

Jennifer said...

I love this. I want to raise mine to be warriors too. Thanks for the encouraging words. Love you!