Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Joy of Our Boy

Life with a son is such fun. Around here hubby and I are always grinning and/or laughing about the antics of our son. I am somewhat envious of the carefree, fun-loving attitude he has. All life is an exploration and adventure to him. He MUST play in every puddle, examine all nooks and crannies and make every sound possible. I love how everything he does is done with excitement and zest!

One recent weekend, it seemed that every time we turned around, he was tearing something up! He wasn't trying to be destructive; He was just trying things out. Take this for example:

See the nice gash in the floor? That was made when he tried to roll one of his Hot Wheels cars under the closet door.

Obviously, it was too big to fit! When he tried to get it out, it scratched the floor. When we discovered it, we tried in vain to get it out without doing more damage. So, hubby took the door off the hinges to retrieve it!

That same weekend, our son managed to write all over himself with a Sharpie and take a pair of scissors to an expensive shirt his Daddy had bought him! Umm...those two explorations got him in a little trouble, needless to say.

But then he redeems himself by being so adorable!

And by being so funny!

Even when he won't cooperate long enough to get a good Easter picture, I can't help but grin at him.

In spite of all the "trouble" he gets into, he still manages to steal his mamma's heart. What a joy to deal with his escapades.

Disclaimer: No representation is made that there is more joy of our boy than of our girl. She is equally a joy (I mean just look at that adorable smile in the previous picture). This post just happens to be about our son's recent behavior.


Crystal said...

Oh boy do I know what you mean. There was an entire room in the house we recently moved out of that we had to repaint because J had an adventure with a sharpie one day. There is always something... But it keeps things interesting and can be sooo much fun to watch.

April said...

He's very inquisitive about life! Love the smile in the Easter pick. I hope his personality sticks with him and doesn't change a bit! A lot his daddy wouldn't you say?!

And C is a very beautiful little lady!

His Girl said...

Love your disclaimer. I often want to post one of those when chatting about my kids!

Tonja said...

Cute post and cute boy! But, beware...they get more inquisitive as they get older...and then they know just exactly how to use that "too cute" grin! :) Smart critters, they are!

Jenn said...

I loved hearing about your little guy. Sounds just like my house!! Now you have to do a post about your sweet girl and let us know more about her. :o)

KaReN said...

I have to agree with you. Just the other Sunday while Joshua was up front at children's time my husband told me Josh wanted my attention. I looked up and all he did was smile at me. Of course I smiled back and told Michael that he melts my heart.