Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mom's Cookin'

Have you ever noticed that when someone else does the cooking, it tastes so much better than yours? That's the truth in my case. I don't know if that just means I'm not a good cook or if things taste better when you're not too tired from cooking to enjoy it!

Either way, food tastes even better when its cooked by your Mama! And boy am I enjoying my Mom's cooking! We have been at my parents' home in Missouri since Monday, and she has been fattening us up!

So in honor of Mom, I've posted the recipes for some of the food we've been eating. You can find them on my recipe blog: family favorite recipes. While there, you'll find recipes for
Raspberry Walnut Cake,
Fruited Spinach Salad,
Summer Vegetables with Parsley Sauce,
Chicken Casserole,
and Orange Glazed Roast Pork with Raisin Rice

Enjoy these yummy recipes and while you are eating, thank God for your mom and for Mom's cookin'.

P.S. Connie, if you are reading this: you are not allowed to use any of these recipes until after I have :) and next co-op planning luncheon is at my house!


Jenn said...

Glad you are enjoying your mom's cooking and your visit. I will go check out her recipes (you know how I love new recipes).

I think things taste better because someone else is doing the cooking - no work on our part just eating. ;o)

Lynn said...

I'm glad I checked your blog. And I can't wait to check out your mom's recipes. Enjoy being pampered while you're away. You deserve it! Love and miss you!

Jennifer said...

I know you are having a great time visiting your parents and enjoying that good food. I sure do miss my Mama's cooking. There's no better cooking than your own Mama's cooking!