Sunday, May 25, 2008

Air Force Academy

Another one of the great places we visited while in Colorado last month was the Air Force Academy. It was a cold and windy day while we were there, but we didn't mind. For about a half hour while we were there it actually snowed. The kids (and Joel and I, too) were thrilled!

We took the trail from the visitor's center to the famous chapel. This is a beautiful building and we were awed by it. I love the colors seen in the Protestant chapel and the symbolism found in its shapes and structures.

A very kind public relations employee gave us a tour of the chapels that are open to the public. Its was fun to hear the information and stories he had to tell about each of the chapels.

On our walk back to the visitor center and our car, we encountered this fox. We were so surprised to see it this close up. When it noticed us, it just turned off the path and went around us. The kiddos are still talking it about it!


mer said...

Hi Leah...

Guess what I saw tonight on the way to drop my son at his friends' house? A black-footed fox. It was trotting down the street in the middle of town. I thought it was a dog at first, but Will insisted it was a fox...and he was right!

And guess what else? We're going to the Air Force Academy tomorrow afternoon. The USAF graduation is Wednesday, and the Thunderbirds always do a fly-over. They're practicing tomorrow, and they're having a free air show. I'm going with my AF friends so we can get close to the stadium. Should be fun. And chilly. But thankfully, no SNOW!

Jenn said...

We are hoping the CO trip works out for us. My boys would love the AF Academy and the chapel looks beautiful.

A fox - how wild is that?

His Girl said...

The church pics were SO cool!

and a fox in my path? never in all my born days!