Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ah, Summer!

It's summer around here....has been for a while. And these are the best days of summer, because soon the humidity will crank up. And when the humidity cranks up, there's not much desire to be outside. Unless of course, you're in a pool!

We are enjoying these days as much as possible, and I couldn't resist the chance to show you some photos! Here is a photo of the first rose of summer! I planted this rose last fall after buying it at a greatly reduced price. I love this photo because my daughter and her friend are in the background.

Here are my kiddos with the neighbors. My kiddos' favorite summer activity is to play outside all day long with the neighbors.

And what summer would not be complete without a dog? This dog belongs to the neighbors, and my kiddos LOVE him. His name is Shadow and any time we are around any dog anywhere, my kiddos compare that dog to Shadow. I'm glad Shadow loves my kiddos too!

Here's wishing you a great summer!

P.S. More Colorado adventures on the way!


mer said...

No summer here yet, but we did have a couple of warm days this week. It will be here before we know it though!

Leah, it sounds like you need a dog!

DeAnn said...

Of course it loves your kids, its a Golden. The best dogs ever. We have six golden puppies for sale in our back yard. Want us to send one to you? Faith spends hours with the puppies and all will be sad when they are gone in two weeks, including mama.

Jenn said...

Summer is here too - but thankfully the humidity stays away in my part of Texas. Great pic of the rose - you are so good. What a cute dog (and the kids are not bad either). ;o)

I am sorry I have not called you. I am going to try to tomorrow (Friday). J. is out of town so things are a little crazy with him gone.

I want to pick your ear about your trip to CO. I am curious to know about the cabins you stayed in (my parents are going with us too).

Tonja said...

Such cute pics! It just says 'good times' to me! Cute kids dressed in shorts hanging with the beautiful dog! Friends...human and canine...does life get any better for a kid? Oh, does when school gets out for summer vacation!