Saturday, May 17, 2008

Highway to the Sky

One of our favorite activities during our time in Colorado was driving up Pike's Peak. This road is a two lane road that is paved in some areas and not in others. To me the non-paved areas were nerve-racking, because as we were going around one curve, on a rutted dirt area, the car fish-tailed slightly. Therefore, for the rest of the trip I was worrying it would happen again. And when the road is at such an incline that you feel like you are driving into the sky, fish-tailing is NOT what you want to be doing.

Aside from my nerves, however, this was a spectacular trip! The vistas were amazing and the view from the top vast. It was, however, 28 degrees at the top (and windy) so we were quite cold.

After perusing the gift shop at the top and taking lots of pictures, we started our journey back down. This was much more fun. It didn't feel quite as treacherous, somehow! We took our time going down, stopping often for pictures and even a little climbing on nearby rocks.

Do you see me? I LOVE to hike, and really wanted to spend more time here exploring these big rocks.

We were just amazed at the amount of snow on this mountain. Remember, we never see snow in our neck of the woods, so this really thrilled us!

Besides the absolute beauty of the vistas, we were also thrilled to spot some skiers on Pike's Peak.

This guy was snowboarding!

The arrow indicates the slope they were skiing down. When we got further down the road, we saw the guys loading their equipment into their car. We stopped and talked to them, which was a lot of fun. My hubby was wishing he could join them. I thought they were crazy!

**On another note: It seems that when you are gone from your home/regular routine for a month, it takes you another month to catch back up. I have not forsaken blogging, but am too occupied with other responsibilities to be here as much as I'd like. Please don't leave me....I'll be back to regular posting as soon as possible!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time. Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing!

new mom in law said...

Just wondering this morning where you were with your trip updates! Love seeing all the pictures and hearing about your adventures.

love, angela conklin

mer said...

Yeah, well, I'll leave driving up Pikes Peak to you. I am absolutely sure that would NOT be an enjoyable experience for me. Hiking it, however, is another story.

And those skiers? I think they're crazy too!

Take your time catching back up on things you need to do. I'm not goin' anywhere!!!


Tonja said...

Great pics! I know your trip was such fun! Glad you made it back to the deep south safely.

Jenn said...

Oh I loved yout pictures of Pikes Peak! Have I told you we are planning on going this summer? I agree with Meredith not sure I am up for the driving in the sky and fish tailing. But if that is the only way up then we will do it! I can not miss Pikes Peak.

Looking (patiently) forward to more of your pictures and stories.

Jennifer said...

These pictures are awesome. You all have seen some beautiful sites this year!