Monday, May 12, 2008

Focus on the Family

Since I mentioned in the last post that we had visited Whit's End at Focus on the Family, I wanted to share some pictures of that with you.

Whit's End is an area at the Focus on the Family headquarters inspired by the Adventure in Odyssey stories.

There is an ice cream shop for snacking,

a three story slide for sliding,

(Joel and I even took a turn on it!)

a theater complete with costumes for acting, a puppet stage, a movie viewing area and so much more.

Our kiddos played hard when we went there to meet Mer and her girls. In fact, they had so much fun, they begged us to go back. So on our last day in Colorado Springs, we went by there for some more play time.

Joel and I also took in the book store which was amazing. There were so many things to look at, and I left with a long wish list!


new mom in law said...

One question, why aren't your kids pitching a fit because the other two girls are eating ice cream, and they aren't? Ange :)

Jenn said...

When I read on Meredith's blog that you met at Whit's End I decided to plan our family vacation around it! M is obsessed with Adventure's in Odyssey so he would love to go there. Looking forward to it this summer.

How was your mother's day? Looking forward to more posts about your family sabbatical.

Thanks for your sweet email. I am going to email you back this afternoon. Or I may just give you a call today. Love ya!

Lisa said...

How cool is that!

mer said...

Leah, I got to meet another blog friend this week and she was telling me about taking her kids to Focus. She was sad because her kids were too small to slide!!! :(