Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ah, Summer (part 2)

coolin' off with popscicles!

Summer activities are keeping me from blogging!

Our church had Vacation Bible School this week. It was in the evenings, so we were busy every night. Hubby is the Children's Minister, so he had many duties, I taught a 4th grade class and of course, our children attended! Due to past experience, there is a running joke that it will rain the first night of VBS at our church; and it did! But around here, rain has been scarce and no one was complaining! VBS went great... I love working VBS; it's so fun and rewarding.

During the day, we've been spending time with friends. Connie and I have been going to our town's square to walk. On the days we can go, we get in a good hour of walking while our children play together on the square. Of course, we go as early in the morning as possible to avoid the heat and humidity.

Another activity has been going to the pool as much as possible. Connie is kind enough to invite us, and our children love to play together in the pool.

my daughter with one of Connie's sons coolin' off in the pool!

Other activites include tending my newly planted herb garden, photographing summer sights, cooking summer fare and much more!

my herb garden

Next week is another busy one. It includes a couple of activities related to my homeshow business, a trip to the beach (also related to my business) and a birthday gathering.

I hope your summer is as enjoyable as mine has been so far! And I hope you are managing to blog more than I am. lol!


Jenn said...

Sounds like a great summer so far! Loved reading about all your activities. Are you still doing the same home business or is it something new? (Email me)

Have a great time at the beach!!

mer said...

You've been busy doing the important things!

Hey, what's your home business???