Friday, June 27, 2008

OK, So We're Really Fascinated by Marine Wildlife

If you could care less about the creatures that live in and near the ocean, then don't read this post. We are really enjoying our stay at the beach, and we are all learning so much.

I have never seen a jellyfish in person...ok maybe at the aquarium...but in its natural habitat, never. Last year, I saw these jellylike things in the sand.

There are many of them in the sand left behind by the water, making the sand look shiny and shimmery.

After our daughter's incident with a jellyfish yesterday, we all had a renewed respect for them when we returned to the beach today. Instead of playing in the water, we walked along the beach searching for the treasures left behind by the ocean.

We found this:

I assume it is a jellyfish, but it is not at all like the one I saw sting my daughter.

And then we saw this:

It is what got a hold of my firstborn baby yesterday. Look at those tentacles! I don't know if its because we were on the lookout for them or if they were more in abundance today, but we saw a LOT of these jellyfish in various sizes.

And look what else we saw!

The dark thing under the water is a stingray.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm just as fascinated as you are with marine wildlife! Keep the photos coming!

BTW, what kind of camera do you have? It takes great photos!

April and Dawn said...

OK, I've been going to the beach for YEARS and have not seen as many creatures as you have. Isn't it all amazing though? I am fascinated by the ocean and marine life so thanks for sharing!


Jenn said...

At South Padre island there are a lot of jelly fish on the beach! I am use to seeing the second kind of jelly fish, I did not know there were different kinds.

Fun that you saw the sting ray! Really enjoyed your pics.