Sunday, June 29, 2008

Photo Shoot: Take a Million to Get a Couple Good Ones

Since we were at the beach last week, I thought it would be great to photograph my children. After all, the beach at sunset is spectacular and provides great light for portraits. What the beach can't provide is cooperative attitudes from grumpy little boys.

Not five minutes after being on the beach, our son let us know he needed to use the bathroom. This really frustrates me, because the bathroom is not just a few steps away.....and the "good light" on the beach is dwindling fast.

Can't you just hear him saying, "I neeed to use the bathroooom!"

Once we made it back from the bathroom, he was more cooperative....for a four year old boy. Just check out his expressions in the following series of photos:

I could show you a TON of pictures with funny or unhappy expressions from our son. Instead I'll settle on one of my favorite "good" ones:

Oh, and I like this one, too:

Maybe it was worth all the pain of cajoling him.....


Tonja said...

The good ones are really good...the others are too cute!

Jennifer said...

I love your pictures. I think you could take pictures professionally.

Jenn said...

I had to laugh out loud b/c I try to catch the memories with my boys. The happy moments take a turn for the worse b/c they will not cooperate for the camera. :o)

I get the "angry" smile from boys (first pic). But I love the first "good" one of your little guy - love his eyes. The one of them looking at the ocean is amazing. I hope you frame it!

Sounds like a great trip to the beach.

BTW- I love your little girls skirt - too cute!