Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Art of Multi-Tasking

This was definitely a multi-tasking day. Here's how it went:

*at mid-night I went to bed....stayed up too late uploading photos.

*was jerked awake by a loud noise at 3 a.m. Hubby and I searched the whole house to discover that my razor and its pod had fallen from its suction cup home in the shower...that'll get your blood pumping!

*didn't really sleep well the rest of the morning.

*dragged my groggy, couldn't sleep body from the bed...grimaced at the bags under my eyes, and sat down to read Bible and pray.

*pulled a comb through my hair, got dressed and put on BIG sunglasses... made a quick trip to nearby Piggly Wiggly for milk (so my kids would have some for breakfast) and cantaloupe and chicken breasts for tonight's supper (its my turn to cook for the co-op).

*tried to keep George, my neighbor, from seeing the bags under my eyes when I ran into him at the Piggly Wiggly (commonly referred to as "The Pig" around here).

*returned home to kiss hubby goodbye as he left for work.

*rushed my kids to get out of bed, dressed and out the door so I could meet a friend at our town square to walk....stuffed water bottle and a baggie of cereal in their hands as we got in the car....guess I didn't really need the milk for breakfast, huh?

*walked briskly with friend for an hour while kiddos played on the square....was sweating buckets!

*returned home and put kids to work on their chores.

* started a load of laundry which I promptly forgot about until around 3 p.m.

*made some phone calls relating to my home show business.

*yelled (I'm ashamed to say) at my kids for not getting their chores done.

*put up some corn (in freezer) that a friend had given me.

*started cooking the black beans for tonight's supper.

*chopped onions to flash freeze.

*checked my email, blogs, etc.

*sat down with hubby and kids for lunch.

*started yellow rice for tonight's supper.

* remembered the laundry and changed it to dryer.

*talked to sis-in-law twice, several friends and hubby on phone (this makes my neck cramp since I lodge the phone between head and shoulder and continue working on the tasks at hand).

*load and start dishwasher.

*pack a care package to send to missionaries furloughed at a nearby university.

*jump up in alarm when my daughter starts crying/screaming....only to discover the "tragedy" is a penny has gone down the bathroom drain......try to catch my breath and hope my heart can recover from the alarm.....take moment to teach daughter not to panic....especially not over a penny.....sit down to recover....heart still pounding.

*finally shower my stinky sweaty self.

*prepare main dish for tonight's meal: southwest chicken.

*call to make arrangements for delivering tonight's meal to members of co-op.

*load the car and make deliveries.

*stop at a friend's house to chat.

*go home and serve supper to kiddos.

*crash in a pile, unable to

*force myself to get up and clean up kitchen.

*get kids in bed.

*start another load of laundry...make to-do list for in the morning.

*write this post...............headed to bed.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You did a LOT yesterday! Don't you love seeing it all written out like that?

Hope you have a nice, relaxing 4th of July!

Oh, and I haven't heard anyone talk about Piggly Wiggly in a long time. Didn't even know they were still around.

Deborah said...

You were a busy gal, weren't you?! You might go to bed tired, but fulfilled.

You use to live in North Carolina?
I live in Raleigh.

I'm trying to start Friday's Favorite Family Foto. I just posted my first one today. Hope you will join me. You have some great pictures of the children.

Oh - about your razor falling...the same thing happened here! We could not figure out what happened until we saw the razor on the shower floor. It just won't stay up on the wall now.


Jenn said...

Made me tired reading this post! You were a very busy girl.

When I was a little girl and lived in Iowa Park we had a piggly wiggly - haven't been to one since. Do they still have green stamps? I love that y'all call it the Pig. :o)

I was glad to hear that the supper co-op is still up and running. I saw the post for the black beans. Now can you share the recipes for the southwest chicken and yellow rice?

Jennifer said...

Makes me tired just reading about it!