Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who Needs a Swimming Pool?

My original plan was to just post the above photo. But these just make me laugh out loud and I have to share them with you!

This whole idea was my kiddos'. As I was gardening, they got the bright idea of filling this tub with water to use with their shovels and pails. Later in the day, they asked me if they could put their swimsuits on and get in the tub. I said, "sure" and went on about my task. When I looked up to see this, I just couldn't resist a series of photos.....giggling all the while.

It brings to mind the washtub baths that people took before indoor plumbing was available.

What made it even funnier was the pink flamingo my son dragged up.

Now, I must take a moment here to explain that we do NOT have pink flamingos in our yard! Our son found this one under a bush....left over from a prank several months (years?) ago.

Anyway, I guess Mr. Flamingo needed a bath and apparently a drink, too!

To use an old phrase left over from my high school days. "Son, you slay me!"


new mom in law said...

Oh the things they do to entertain themselves!! Love these pics Leah Belle!

Jenn said...

Oh my these cracked me up! What a giant bucket - where did you get it my boys would love it?

The flamingo was the perfect touch. Too funny!

Did you ever get the book? Please say yes!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Looks like you need TWO buckets so they can each have one!

Very, very funny. I love that he found the pink flamingo and "took it under his wing".

Tonja said...

He's having a ball! Oh the minds of little boys!