Thursday, August 28, 2008

How We Survived Tropical Storm Fay

We were recently visited by Tropical Storm Fay. What that meant for us was a rainy, windy, stay at home day! So what's a family to do when they can't leave the house for twenty-four hours?

Have fun, of course! There's nothing like a rainy day for some family togetherness!

So, for those of you who've never experienced it, here are some tips for "surviving" the next tropical storm that comes your way:

*make pancakes for breakfast.

*spend lots of time on the computer: photoshop, blogging, facebook, twitter, swagbucks, etc.

*have plenty of iced coffee on hand.

*use the time to blanch and freeze zipper peas.

*play with playdough and watch t.v.

*stay calm when you discover that the wind is blowing so hard that water has pooled in the window sills.

*use micro-fiber cloths to solve the water on sills problem.

*dress up in your rain gear and check on the outside of the house. This will provide much needed exercise and entertainment for overly energetic young boys.

* make a big train track in the living room (I don't know why our son doesn't have his shirt on)

It's really not that hard to survive a tropical storm. All you need is your family and a fun attitude.


April and Dawn said...


A good attitude is a MUST! However, after 2 1/2 days of T.S. Fay, I had had enough of the excitement it was stirring up in Florida. All Little P. wanted to do was play in the rain. Unfortunately, lightning and tornado warnings stopped us from doing so. Glad to hear you guys survived and enjoyed your day together. But, get your activities ready again because Hanna is on her way to visit too.

Jenn said...

I learned so much from this post! I had never heard of zipper peas or swagbucks - so I had to google them to learn more about them.

Iced Coffee - care to share how you make it?

Tonja said...

Looks as if you may get the chance to do it again...probably sooner than you'd like.