Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Room Re-Do

For several years now, our daughter's room has been a pretty pink girlie room! It was full of pink gingham with lime green accents. But this year, she decided that she wanted to re-do it for her birthday present. This sweet picture of her with some of her friends gives you an idea of the pinkness!

The inspiration for the new room came from our friend, Lindsey's room. Our daughter looks up to Lindsey, so it was a natural for her to want to pattern her room after Lindsey's. Our daughter picked out the bedding and the rest of the room was built around that.

After lots of shopping, crafting, painting and more, here is how the room turned out:

Lindsey painted the big C on an old ceiling tile that I had salvaged from the trash a couple of years ago. She also created the wall hanging you see on the right near the lamp.

The lamp is one I had crafted to fit in the pink room. Here is what it looked like then:

We removed the ribbon and painted the shade brown. Then we added a bow and button to embellish it.

We already had this jewelry box in her room. It has three little windows for placing photos. To make it fit in the room, we glued ribbons to the back of the spaces. We also added little 'gems' to make it even more interesting. You know, once you get started with that glue gun, it is hard to stop!

Add this canvas creation also by Lindsey,

and the curtain scarf and ribbon embellished mirror,

and the room is complete! Our daughter is thrilled! I think it is a much appreciated birthday present!

(You can see more of Lindsey's work by clicking here.)


Love Being a Nonny said...

LOVE the canvas over the bed!!! Everything looks great....and like a BIG GIRL'S room!!!

Tell me, how did you get that link on Facebook?

Main Street Mom said...

Caroline is sooooo proud of it too! Love how it turned out so well!