Friday, August 28, 2009

She's Still Growing Up (Wish It Wasn't So Fast!)

Another milestone has passed in our house....our daughter got her ears pierced!

About a year ago, she told me she did NOT want to get her ears pierced, because she'd heard it hurts. That was fine with me. I did not get my own ears pierced until I was eighteen, and I distinctly remember that in spite of what everyone told me, it DID hurt!

Our daughter may not have wanted her ears pierced, but she did want to wear earrings. So she talked me into buying her a couple of pairs of cute clip earrings. She found out that they hurt her ears and that the selection of clip earrings was not as big as the selection for post earrings.

All of this, combined with the fact that her next-door-neighbor-friend got her ears pierced motivated our daughter to change her mind!

So, today was the big day.

We were grateful to find a place that would do both ears at the same time. She was so brave. I was expecting tears and screams that would bring everyone in the mall over to see what was wrong. The sweet girl didn't even flinch or jump. I think I was more afraid than she was. Do you see that my eyes are closed?

She is very excited to have those earrings in her ears. She has told everyone she knows that she had it done!

And there's her little brother taking part in the whole thing. He watched every moment. We love making a family affair out of our little girl's milestone.


Mrs. Troop said...

Very sweet post! :-) Only my oldest daughter has been brave enough, so far. But I think the next one is about ready!
I look forward to coming back to read more about your family.

stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

How sweet. :) My girls haven't asked to wear earrings much because I can't wear them ... I'm sure one of these days it will hit and I'll be like you ... standing behind them with my eyes closed!

Love Being a Nonny said...

I remember when G got her ears pierced. C looks so sweet. they always do better than We do! Now when M asks to have HIS pierced, it may be a different post!!:)

Nan said...

Awww!! What fun! I remember having mine done! I was supposed to wait until I turned 13 but my parents fudged and let me do it for my 6th grade graduation. :^) She looks adorable in them!