Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Welcome Reprieve

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful in our 'neck of the woods.' The humidity level was drastically lower than usual, creating a quite mild and pleasant day. Since that kind of weather is such a rarity around here, I could not stand to stay inside all day. So, I packed up the school books and headed to a friend's house.

These friends own a horse stable across the pond from their home. With their permission, we sat at a table outside the stable and did our school work.

It was a great location. There were horses grazing nearby,

cats to pet,

and a pond to gaze into.

Add to that a gentle, cool breeze and it was perfect (except for the scary looking spiders nearby).

After both children did their math lessons, the oldest read a Bible story to the youngest and we discussed Christopher Columbus's voyages, it was time for some exploring. We wandered around the pond and then went on an adventure on the four wheeler.

I was struck by how gracious God is to allow us to enjoy such beauty. I am grateful for fluffy clouds, the sound of birds praising God and the innocent joy of children.

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Love Being a Nonny said...

Makes homeschooling so attractive!