Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some Days Don't Go As Planned

Some days don't go as planned. Yesterday was one of those days! But don't worry; in this case, it was a good thing.

The day had a lot planned in it: a power walk at our town square for exercise, home school lessons, a women's Bible study at my house, babysitting a friend's child and cooking for supper co-op.

But the day didn't go as planned.

It was raining at the exercise time, so there was no walking.

At about 10:00, a phone call came that canceled the Bible study.

And then another phone call....a friend invited us to go arrowhead hunting in a field adjacent to her house. The rain had stopped, leaving behind gullies and rivulets perfect for hunting.

So, the home school lesson suddenly changed from a math worksheet to a nature hike.

And what a fun outing it was! There was a lot of mud...

along with a few botany lessons.

We saw this strange thing.

Here it is up close. We are going to have to research to find out what it is (if you know, feel free to comment).

There was a entomology lesson....

and then at the end of the hike, the prize....what we had been searching for the whole time...

No, the day didn't go at all as planned, and I'm sure glad it didn't!


Main Street Mom said...

a lovely day, I might add!

Tonja said...

I have found tht when the plans go awry...the adventure begins! And, what great adventure you had! Looks like great fun!

Sojourner said...

Great socks! I have a few Star Wars fans too.
Your expedition pictures are calendar perfect. I am looking forward to spring, when growing around here! Your dad keeps commenting about summer from the pulpit too. Ha!