Saturday, January 23, 2010

Such A Boy!

This boy of ours almost always makes us grin.

His imagination and creativity just make our life very UNboring!

Here is a typical moment at our house.

After shooting the chicken a couple of times with the Nerf gun, he decides to add a few more bullets to the poor chicken.

There's no way he could perform this task without the proper attire.

This shirt full of bugs,

and these Star Wars socks

are perfect for the occasion.

And just because he thought it would be a good idea, he put on the toboggan too!

The kicker is that this is what he dressed himself in to wear to bed!

It's an endless grin around here when it comes to this kid!


Main Street Mom said...

Poor chicken....happy boy! I never thought to do anything quite that creative to the chicken!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Boys are interesting. And crazy. But, OH SO SWEET. You have a cute one!!!

Tonja said...

A boy who follows his own drummer! That's a good thing!