Sunday, January 10, 2010

We Don't See This Much!

Some strange things are happening around here!

We are seeing things we've never seen while living in this small town of ours!

Here is a picture of one:

Yes, there is a fire in our fireplace!

I know those of you in warmer, more northern climates are asking yourselves, "what's the big deal?" Here's the big deal: We have lived in this wonderful blessing of a house for six and a half years, and this year is the first that we have used the fireplace.

As you are aware, it just doesn't get very cold here in southeast Alabama, so I never really had any desire to do the necessary work (haul in firewood, clean the ashes afterward, etc) to have a fire. I also had babies to care for and worry about and a fire just didn't fit into the picture.

But, as babies do, mine grew up and wonder of wonders, we are actually having a cold winter (for a couple of weeks, maybe)! So we have been enjoying our fire. Sitting in front of it with a nice blanket and a cup of coffee has become my favorite past time.

And while I am talking about wonders, let me show you this picture:

This is the fountain on our town square. I love this fountain and have taken many pictures of it during the time we have lived here. But, I have NEVER seen it like this! These two weeks of winter have provided a beautiful icy display.


Love Being a Nonny said...

Thought of you when I did my post just now....check it out.

LOVE the fountain!

Tonja said...

Oh yes, it is most definitely cold here in the deep south! And, I have had just about enough of it! Enough is enough! I like our cold dys one at a time instead of coming so many at one time!:)
I have to go North to Birmingham tomorrow and I do not look forward to that at all!

Enjoy your fire and keep warm. The fountain is pretty, isn't it?

Main Street Mom said...

I just thought this afternoon that I better get a pic of that may be another decade before we ever see ice like that at the square!

BTW those poor fountain children look really you suppose Joyce would approve of us putting a blanket over their shoulders:-)

Viki said...

So glad you took a picture of the fountain, Connie mentioned wanting to take a picture herself. Enjoyed breakfast with you this AM.