Sunday, May 22, 2011

Easter Goodies

Easter is long passed, but I want to be sure and post the goodies we made. I hosted a gathering of friends on Easter Sunday for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. While I wanted things to be pretty, I didn't want to be stressed or spend much money. So, I started looking around the house for things I already owned that could be used for decorations. I also perused the bookmarks on my computer where I had saved fun craft ideas.

For table decorations, the kiddos and I made coffee filter flowers using this tutorial. We had a lot of fun painting and cutting to create a variety of flowers. I took the flowers and used floral tape to attach the flowers to silk stems. We were excited about the result:

I found some railroad nails and tied three of them together with white ribbon to signify the nails used to nail Jesus to the cross. As an added decoration, we placed one of the coffee filter flowers in the nails.

Did you notice the table runner? I will post more about that later.

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