Monday, May 23, 2011

Easter Goodies Part Two

On my quest to decorate for Easter Sunday lunch on a shoestring budget, I came across this tutorial showing how to make a flower arrangement out of egg cartons and buttons. I was amazed at how beautiful the flowers were in her photo and was anxious to make some of our own.
(Christine's flowers)

Christine's tutorial calls for paper egg cartons, but at the time, all I could get my hands on were the foam kind. The foam flowers turned out cute, but not quite as pretty as the paper ones. I hope to do this project again someday with paper cartons (I'm already saving them).

Again, this was a fun project to do with my kiddos. We used the bouquet we made to decorate the food buffet.

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Farrah said...

Such a great idea! thanks for sharing. Just stumbled on your blog x