Thursday, March 22, 2012

Handmade Camera Strap

Lately I've had a lot of fun with my sewing machine! I give all the credit to my sis-in-law, April! One day, in half jest, she asked. "I wonder if one of my sisters or sister-in-law who know how to sew would make me one of these." She showed me a picture of an adorable ruffled strap. The little bit of challenge in her question was all it took to get me to agree to do it!

I started surfing the web for ideas and after tuning up my sewing machine (literally....had to take the dusty thing in to a repair shop), got started. It took a couple of tries to get the strap just right, but I am pleased with the final result.

My sister-in-law was thrilled (thank goodness! I am always stressed about whether or not something I make for someone is pleasing to them). Since she lives in another state, I posted a picture on Facebook for her to see. Apparently a lot of my friends on Facebook are in need of a cute ruffled camera strap, because I was immediately asked to make more!

One friend, Nancy, asked if I would make one that could be removed from the camera without having to take the strap off the camera. She needed something more versatile for her photography job. Accepting her request as a challenge (can you tell that I kinda like a little challenge?), I started scheming and researching. The result is the B&W strap you see above. I have to admit that I love how it turned out! You can read what she thinks about the strap here.

One of the things that makes this sewing project fun is that there is much room for creativity. I love to browse the fabric store looking for matching fabrics and ribbons to make the next cute strap.

Nancy also encouraged me to open an Etsy shop. Even though that is a tad bit scary to me, I agreed to look into it. We will see what happens!

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